1   TV-2 COVER: De Første Kærester På Månen  De Første Kærester På Månen
2   Robbie Williams COVER: Intensive Care  Intensive Care
3   Simone COVER: Vindens Farver  Vindens Farver
4   Diverse COVER: M:G:P 2005 - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix  M:G:P 2005 - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix
5   Katie Melua COVER: Call Off The Search  Call Off The Search
6   Katie Melua COVER: Piece By Piece  Piece By Piece
7   Bamse COVER: Be My Guest  Be My Guest
8   James Blunt COVER: Back To Bedlam  Back To Bedlam
9   Crazy Frog COVER: Crazy Hits  Crazy Hits
11   Coldplay COVER: X & Y  X & Y
12   Madonna COVER: Confessions On A Dancefloor  Confessions On A Dancefloor
13   Nik & Jay COVER: 2  2
14   D-A-D COVER: Scare Yourself  Scare Yourself
15   Sanne Salomonsen COVER: The Album  The Album
16   Kashmir COVER: No Balance Palace  No Balance Palace
17   Mew COVER: And The Glass Handed Kites  And The Glass Handed Kites
18   Simone COVER: On A Night Like This  On A Night Like This
19   John Lennon COVER: Working Class Hero - The Definitive  Working Class Hero - The Definitive
20   Green Day COVER: American Idiot  American Idiot
21   Eminem COVER: Curtain Call - The Hits  Curtain Call - The Hits
22   Four Jacks COVER: Samlede Udgivelser 1957-1963  Samlede Udgivelser 1957-1963
23   U2 COVER: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb  How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
24   Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler COVER: Private Investigations  Private Investigations
25   Lars Lilholt Band COVER: De Lyse Nætters Orkester  De Lyse Nætters Orkester
26   Gorillaz COVER: Demon Days  Demon Days
27   Robbie Williams COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
28   Beth Hart COVER: Leave The Light On  Leave The Light On
29   Jakob Sveistrup COVER: Jakob Sveistrup  Jakob Sveistrup
30   Anne Gadegaard COVER: Chiki Chiki  Chiki Chiki
31   Bikstok Røgsystem COVER: Over Stok Og Sten  Over Stok Og Sten
32   L.O.C. COVER: Cassiopeia  Cassiopeia
33   Diverse COVER: Danske Disney Hits  Danske Disney Hits
34   Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen COVER: Friends Forever  Friends Forever
35   Enya COVER: Amarantine  Amarantine
36   Gavin DeGraw COVER: Chariot  Chariot
37   B-Boys COVER: Vores Verden  Vores Verden
38   Bruce Springsteen COVER: Devils & Dust  Devils & Dust
39   Hush COVER: A Lifetime  A Lifetime
40   Shu Bi Dua COVER: Shu-Bi-Dua 18  Shu-Bi-Dua 18
41   Lis Sørensen COVER: Con Amor  Con Amor
42   Sissel COVER: Nordisk Vinternatt  Nordisk Vinternatt
43   Depeche Mode COVER: Playing The Angel  Playing The Angel
44   Rolling Stones COVER: A Bigger Bang  A Bigger Bang
45   Raveonettes COVER: Pretty In Black  Pretty In Black
46   Big Fat Snake COVER: The Box  The Box
47   Diverse COVER: Jul I Valhal  Jul I Valhal
48   Diverse COVER: Værsgo 2  Værsgo 2
49   Il Divo COVER: Ancora  Ancora
50   Jacob Andersen COVER: Make It Better  Make It Better
51   Black Eyed Peas COVER: Monkey Business  Monkey Business
52   TV-2 COVER: Hits  Hits
53   Gwen Stefani COVER: Love, Angel, Music, Baby  Love, Angel, Music, Baby
54   Snoop Dogg COVER: R & G: The Masterpiece  R & G: The Masterpiece
55   Brian McFadden COVER: Irish Son  Irish Son
56   Eminem COVER: Encore  Encore
57   Tina Dickow COVER: In The Red  In The Red
58   Niarn COVER: Årgang '79  Årgang '79
59   Anne Linnet COVER: Her Hos Mig  Her Hos Mig
60   Rammstein COVER: Rosenrot  Rosenrot
61   Outlandish COVER: Closer Than Veins  Closer Than Veins
62   50 Cent COVER: The Massacre  The Massacre
63   Peter Sommer COVER: På Den Anden Side  På Den Anden Side
64   Bjørn Afzelius & Michael Wiehe COVER: Malmøindspilningerne 1993  Malmøindspilningerne 1993
65   Diverse COVER: M:G:P 2005 - De 3 Vindere  M:G:P 2005 - De 3 Vindere
66   Kim Larsen & Kjukken COVER: Glemmebogen - Jul & Nytår  Glemmebogen - Jul & Nytår
67   Swan Lee COVER: Swan Lee  Swan Lee
68   Saybia COVER: These Are The Days  These Are The Days
69   Soundtrack COVER: Ultimate Dirty Dancing  Ultimate Dirty Dancing
70   Lene Siel COVER: De Stille Timer  De Stille Timer
71   Kim Sjøgren And His Little Mermaid Orchestra COVER: Für Elise  Für Elise
72   Eurythmics COVER: Ultimate Collection  Ultimate Collection
73   Green Day COVER: Bullet In A Bible  Bullet In A Bible
74   Gasolin COVER: The Black Box  The Black Box
75   Carpark North COVER: All Things To All People  All Things To All People
76   Diverse COVER: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2005  Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2005
77   Michael Jackson COVER: The Essiental  The Essiental
78   Diverse COVER: Bølle-Bob Og Smukke Sally  Bølle-Bob Og Smukke Sally
79   Drengene Fra Angora COVER: Drengene Fra Angora  Drengene Fra Angora
80   Christer Sjögren COVER: Love Me Tender  Love Me Tender
81   Soundtrack COVER: Nynne  Nynne
82   Gnags COVER: Siden 66  Siden 66
83   Diverse COVER: Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005  Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005
84   Akon COVER: Trouble  Trouble
85   Savage Garden COVER: Truly Madly Completely  Truly Madly Completely
86   Alanis Morissette COVER: The Collection  The Collection
87   Kent COVER: Du & Jag Döden  Du & Jag Döden
88   Per Nielsen COVER: With Friends  With Friends
89   Kira And The Kindred Spirits COVER: This Is Not An Exit  This Is Not An Exit
90   Prince COVER: The Hits / The B-Sides  The Hits / The B-Sides
91   Johnny Deluxe COVER: Johnny Deluxe  Johnny Deluxe
92   Foo Fighters COVER: In Your Honor  In Your Honor
93   Anna David COVER: Anna David  Anna David
94   Big Fat Snake COVER: More Fire  More Fire
95   Soundtrack COVER: The Phantom Of The Opera  The Phantom Of The Opera
96   Kandis COVER: Kandis 11  Kandis 11
97   Tue West COVER: Meldingen Kommer  Meldingen Kommer
98   Rasmus Nøhr COVER: Rasmus Nøhr  Rasmus Nøhr
99   Amy Diamond COVER: This Is Me Now  This Is Me Now
100   Electric Light Orchestra COVER: All Over The World  All Over The World

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Neil Young
COVER: Greendale

* Today is named Dion.
* 1927: Bill Haley was born (died 1981).
* 1971: Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong died (born 1900).

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