1   Kim Larsen & Kjukken COVER: Glemmebogen - Jul & Nytår  Glemmebogen - Jul & Nytår
2   Norah Jones COVER: Feels Like Home  Feels Like Home
3   Diverse COVER: M:G:P 2004 - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix  M:G:P 2004 - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix
4   Big Fat Snake COVER: More Fire  More Fire
5   Drengene Fra Angora COVER: Drengene Fra Angora  Drengene Fra Angora
6   Nik & Jay COVER: 2  2
7   TV-2 COVER: Hits  Hits
8   Swan Lee COVER: Swan Lee  Swan Lee
10   Robbie Williams COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
11   Kim Larsen & Kjukken COVER: 7-9-13  7-9-13
12   Anastacia COVER: Anastacia  Anastacia
13   Thomas Helmig COVER: El Camino  El Camino
14   Gasolin COVER: The Black Box  The Black Box
15   John Mogensen COVER: Samlede Værker  Samlede Værker
16   U2 COVER: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb  How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
17   Runrig COVER: 30 Year Journey: The Best  30 Year Journey: The Best
18   Tue West COVER: Tue West  Tue West
19   Lars Lilholt Band COVER: Den 7. Dag  Den 7. Dag
20   Maroon 5 COVER: Songs About Jane  Songs About Jane
21   Saybia COVER: These Are The Days  These Are The Days
22   Anne Gadegaard COVER: Ini Mini Miny  Ini Mini Miny
23   George Michael COVER: Patience  Patience
24   Norah Jones COVER: Come Away With Me  Come Away With Me
25   Tim Christensen COVER: Honeyburst  Honeyburst
26   Phil Collins COVER: Love Songs. A Compilation... Old & New  Love Songs. A Compilation... Old & New
27   Eminem COVER: Encore  Encore
28   R.E.M. COVER: Around The Sun  Around The Sun
29   Shakin' Stevens COVER: Collectable  Collectable
30   Britney Spears COVER: Greatest Hits: My Prerogative  Greatest Hits: My Prerogative
31   Tina Turner COVER: All The Best  All The Best
32   Johnny Deluxe COVER: Johnny Deluxe  Johnny Deluxe
33   Simon & Garfunkel COVER: The Essential Simon & Garfunkel  The Essential Simon & Garfunkel
34   Big Fat Snake COVER: One Night Of Sin  One Night Of Sin
35   Zididada COVER: Princess  Princess
36   Black Eyed Peas COVER: Elephunk  Elephunk
37   Diverse COVER: Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004  Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004
38   L.O.C. COVER: Inkarneret  Inkarneret
39   Guns N' Roses COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
40   Poul Krebs COVER: På En God Dag  På En God Dag
41   Leonard Cohen COVER: Dear Heather  Dear Heather
42   Dido COVER: Life For Rent  Life For Rent
43   R.E.M. COVER: In Time - Best Of 88-03  In Time - Best Of 88-03
44   Usher COVER: Confessions  Confessions
45   B-Boys COVER: Hey Yo!  Hey Yo!
46   Diverse COVER: På Danske Læber - Leonard Cohen Tribute  På Danske Læber - Leonard Cohen Tribute
47   Mark Knopfler COVER: Shangri-La  Shangri-La
48   Lene Siel COVER: Gospel  Gospel
49   Vikingarna COVER: Bästa Kramgoa Låtarna  Bästa Kramgoa Låtarna
50   Safri Duo COVER: 3.0  3.0
51   3 Doors Down COVER: Away From The Sun  Away From The Sun
52   Evanescence COVER: Fallen  Fallen
53   Prince COVER: Musicology  Musicology
54   Safri Duo COVER: 3.5  3.5
55   Julie COVER: Julie  Julie
56   Kashmir COVER: Zitilites  Zitilites
57   Hanne Boel COVER: Abaco  Abaco
58   Diverse COVER: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2004  Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2004
59   Shania Twain COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
60   Wenche COVER: Country From My Heart  Country From My Heart
61   Rammstein COVER: Reise Reise  Reise Reise
62   Lisa Ekdahl COVER: Olyckssyster  Olyckssyster
63   Andrea Bocelli COVER: Andrea  Andrea
64   Lisa Ekdahl COVER: En Samling Sånger  En Samling Sånger
65   Jokeren COVER: Alpha-Han  Alpha-Han
66   Lars H.U.G. COVER: Greatest H.U.G.  Greatest H.U.G.
67   Blue Foundation COVER: Sweep Of Days  Sweep Of Days
68   ABBA COVER: The Definitive Collection  The Definitive Collection
69   Erann COVER: That's The Way For Me  That's The Way For Me
70   Kandis COVER: Kandis Live  Kandis Live
71   Diverse COVER: M:G:P 2004 - De 3 Vindere  M:G:P 2004 - De 3 Vindere
72   Diverse COVER: I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro  I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro
73   Love Shop COVER: Sendt Fra Himlen 1990-2004  Sendt Fra Himlen 1990-2004
74   Allan Olsen COVER: Gæst  Gæst
75   Outcast COVER: Speakerboxx / The Love Below  Speakerboxx / The Love Below
76   Elvis Presley COVER: Christmas Peace  Christmas Peace
77   Maria Lucia COVER: That's Just Me  That's Just Me
78   Monrad & Rislund COVER: Det Store Triumftog - 30 Års Jubilæum  Det Store Triumftog - 30 Års Jubilæum
79   Christina Aguilera COVER: Stripped  Stripped
80   Hva Snakker Du Om? COVER: Terkel I Knibe  Terkel I Knibe
81   Green Day COVER: American Idiot  American Idiot
82   Jay-Z & Linkin Park COVER: Collision Course  Collision Course
83   D12 COVER: D12 World  D12 World
84   Dario Von Slutty COVER: Ganz Geil  Ganz Geil
85   Cæcilie Norby COVER: London/Paris  London/Paris
86   O-Zone COVER: Disco-Zone  Disco-Zone
87   Avril Lavigne COVER: Under My Skin  Under My Skin
88   Thomas Stenberg COVER: Vincent  Vincent
89   Elton John COVER: Peachtree Road  Peachtree Road
90   Bee Gees COVER: Number Ones  Number Ones
91   Westlife COVER: Turnaround  Turnaround
92   Agnetha Faltskog COVER: My Colouring Book  My Colouring Book
93   Jodle Birge COVER: Dejlige Minder  Dejlige Minder
94   Streets COVER: A Grand Don't Come For Free  A Grand Don't Come For Free
95   Red Hot Chili Peppers COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
96   Eva Cassidy COVER: Songbird  Songbird
97   No Doubt COVER: The Singles 1992-2003  The Singles 1992-2003
98   Robertino COVER: De Største Hits  De Største Hits
99   N.E.R.D. COVER: Fly Or Die  Fly Or Die
100   Franz Ferdinand COVER: Franz Ferdinand  Franz Ferdinand

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