1   Kim Larsen & Kjukken COVER: 7-9-13  7-9-13
2   Robbie Williams COVER: Escapology  Escapology
3   Shu Bi Dua COVER: Shu Bi Dua 200  Shu Bi Dua 200
4   Norah Jones COVER: Come Away With Me  Come Away With Me
5   Diverse COVER: M:G:P 2003 - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix  M:G:P 2003 - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix
6   Big Fat Snake COVER: One Night Of Sin  One Night Of Sin
7   Julie COVER: Home  Home
8   Tim Christensen COVER: Honeyburst  Honeyburst
9   Gasolin COVER: The Black Box  The Black Box
10   Dido COVER: Life For Rent  Life For Rent
11   R.E.M. COVER: In Time - Best Of 88-03  In Time - Best Of 88-03
12   Safri Duo COVER: 3.0  3.0
13   Nik & Jay COVER: Nik & Jay  Nik & Jay
14   Justin Timberlake COVER: Justified  Justified
15   Robbie Williams COVER: Live Summer 2003  Live Summer 2003
16   Erann COVER: That's The Way For Me  That's The Way For Me
17   Celine Dion COVER: One Heart  One Heart
18   Kashmir COVER: Zitilites  Zitilites
19   Svedbanken COVER: Chris Og Chokoladefabrikken  Chris Og Chokoladefabrikken
20   Kim Larsen & Kjukken COVER: Det Var En Torsdag Aften  Det Var En Torsdag Aften
21   Soundtrack COVER: 8 Mile  8 Mile
22   Carpark North COVER: Carpark North  Carpark North
23   Razz COVER: Kast Dine Hænder Op  Kast Dine Hænder Op
24   Diverse COVER: Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003  Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003
25   Evanescence COVER: Fallen  Fallen
26   Sanne Salomonsen COVER: Freedom  Freedom
27   Black Eyed Peas COVER: Elephunk  Elephunk
28   Christina Aguilera COVER: Stripped  Stripped
29   Diverse COVER: Danmark Nu Blunder Den Lyse Nat  Danmark Nu Blunder Den Lyse Nat
30   På Slaget 12 COVER: Let's Dance 3  Let's Dance 3
31   Linkin Park COVER: Meteora  Meteora
32   Eminem COVER: The Eminem Show  The Eminem Show
33   Lisa Ekdahl COVER: En Samling Sånger  En Samling Sånger
34   Lisa Nilsson COVER: Samlade Sånger 1992-2003  Samlade Sånger 1992-2003
35   Lars H.U.G. COVER: Save Me From This Rock 'N' Roll  Save Me From This Rock 'N' Roll
36   Mew COVER: Frengers  Frengers
37   50 Cent COVER: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'  Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
38   Metallica COVER: St. Anger  St. Anger
39   Anne Gadegaard COVER: Arabiens Drøm  Arabiens Drøm
40   Brdr. Olsen COVER: More Songs  More Songs
41   Lars Lilholt Band COVER: Nefertiti  Nefertiti
42   Outlandish COVER: Bread And Barrels Of Water  Bread And Barrels Of Water
43   Westlife COVER: Turnaround  Turnaround
44   Freddy Birset COVER: Champs Elysées  Champs Elysées
45   Jay Kid COVER: Bringing Back The Magic  Bringing Back The Magic
46   Eros Ramazzotti COVER: 9  9
47   Elton John COVER: Greatest Hits 1970-2002  Greatest Hits 1970-2002
48   Diverse COVER: Jesus Og Josefine  Jesus Og Josefine
49   Madonna COVER: American Life  American Life
50   Cliff Richard COVER: Cliff At Christmas  Cliff At Christmas
51   Gudrun COVER: Quiet Storm  Quiet Storm
52   Shania Twain COVER: Up  Up
53   Bamses Venner COVER: De 30 Bedste Med Bamses Venner  De 30 Bedste Med Bamses Venner
54   C21 COVER: C21  C21
55   Avril Lavigne COVER: Let Go  Let Go
56   Sissel COVER: My Heart  My Heart
57   L.O.C. COVER: Inkarneret  Inkarneret
58   Coldplay COVER: A Rush Of Blood To The Head  A Rush Of Blood To The Head
59   Red Hot Chili Peppers COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
60   B-Boys COVER: Vi Gi'r Den Op  Vi Gi'r Den Op
61   U2 COVER: Best Of 1990-2000  Best Of 1990-2000
62   Ozzy Osbourne COVER: The Essential Ozzy Osbourne  The Essential Ozzy Osbourne
63   Kandis COVER: Kandis 10  Kandis 10
64   Randi Laubek COVER: The Wedding Of All Things  The Wedding Of All Things
65   Jokeren COVER: Alpha-Han  Alpha-Han
66   Paul McCartney COVER: Back In The World  Back In The World
67   Cornelis Vreeswijk COVER: Bedste Sange  Bedste Sange
68   Westlife COVER: Unbreakable Vol. 1  Unbreakable Vol. 1
69   Bruce Springsteen COVER: The Essential  The Essential
70   Diverse COVER: Stjerne For En Aften 2003  Stjerne For En Aften 2003
71   Grethe Ingmann COVER: Kærlighed  Kærlighed
72   Stacie Orrico COVER: Stacie Orrico  Stacie Orrico
73   Suede COVER: Singles  Singles
74   Beyoncé COVER: Dangerously In Love  Dangerously In Love
75   Busted COVER: Busted  Busted
76   Birthe Kjær COVER: På En Fransk Altan  På En Fransk Altan
77   Smokie COVER: The Hit Box  The Hit Box
78   Daniel Bedingfield COVER: Gotta Get Thru This  Gotta Get Thru This
79   Poul Krebs COVER: Usund Skepsis  Usund Skepsis
80   Bo Kaspers Orkester COVER: Vilka Tror Vi Att Vi Är  Vilka Tror Vi Att Vi Är
81   Sting COVER: Sacred Love  Sacred Love
82   Pink COVER: Missundaztood  Missundaztood
83   Bruce Springsteen COVER: The Rising  The Rising
84   No Doubt COVER: The Singles 1992-2003  The Singles 1992-2003
85   Kelly Rowland COVER: Simply Deep  Simply Deep
86   Bob Marley COVER: One Love  One Love
87   På Slaget 12 COVER: Let's Dance 2  Let's Dance 2
88   Beatles COVER: Let It Be... Naked  Let It Be... Naked
89   Cher COVER: Best Of  Best Of
90   Boyzone COVER: The Ultimate Love Songs 1993-2001  The Ultimate Love Songs 1993-2001
91   TV-2 COVER: På Kanten Af Småt Brændbart  På Kanten Af Småt Brændbart
92   Cardigans COVER: Long Gone Before Daylight  Long Gone Before Daylight
93   Anne Dorte Michelsen COVER: Så Stille Som Sne  Så Stille Som Sne
94   Kristian, Jesper og Jens Peter COVER: Harmonika Træffere II  Harmonika Træffere II
95   Kim Larsen & Kjukken COVER: Sange Fra Glemmebogen  Sange Fra Glemmebogen
96   Dana Winner COVER: One Way Wind  One Way Wind
97   Shout COVER: Jeg Tror Det Kaldes Kærlighed  Jeg Tror Det Kaldes Kærlighed
98   Sean Paul COVER: Dutty Rock  Dutty Rock
99   Nickelback COVER: The Long Road  The Long Road
100   t.A.T.u. COVER: 200 Km/Hr In The Wrong Lane  200 Km/Hr In The Wrong Lane

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No Doubt
COVER: Tragic Kingdom
Tragic Kingdom

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