1   Saybia COVER: The Second You Sleep  The Second You Sleep
2   Celine Dion COVER: A New Day Has Come  A New Day Has Come
3   Jon COVER: This Side Up  This Side Up
4   Diverse COVER: M:G:P 2002 - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix  M:G:P 2002 - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix
5   Eminem COVER: The Eminem Show  The Eminem Show
6   Kim Larsen & Kjukken COVER: Sange Fra Glemmebogen  Sange Fra Glemmebogen
7   På Slaget 12 COVER: Let's Dance  Let's Dance
8   James Sampson COVER: James  James
9   Razz COVER: Kickflipper  Kickflipper
10   Robbie Williams COVER: Escapology  Escapology
11   Shakira COVER: Laundry Service  Laundry Service
12   Safri Duo COVER: Episode II  Episode II
13   Nik & Jay COVER: Nik & Jay  Nik & Jay
14   Sort Sol COVER: Circle Hits The Flame  Circle Hits The Flame
15   Norah Jones COVER: Come Away With Me  Come Away With Me
16   Kim Larsen & Kjukken COVER: Det Var En Torsdag Aften  Det Var En Torsdag Aften
17   Brdr. Olsen COVER: Songs  Songs
18   Elton John COVER: Greatest Hits 1970-2002  Greatest Hits 1970-2002
19   Anastacia COVER: Freak Of Nature  Freak Of Nature
20   D-A-D COVER: Soft Dogs  Soft Dogs
21   Elvis Presley COVER: Elvis 30 #1 Hits  Elvis 30 #1 Hits
22   U2 COVER: Best Of 1990-2000  Best Of 1990-2000
23   Red Hot Chili Peppers COVER: By The Way  By The Way
24   Westlife COVER: Unbreakable Vol. 1  Unbreakable Vol. 1
25   Pink COVER: Missundaztood  Missundaztood
26   Bruce Springsteen COVER: The Rising  The Rising
27   På Slaget 12 COVER: Let's Dance 2  Let's Dance 2
28   Roxette COVER: The Ballad Hits  The Ballad Hits
29   Alicia Keys COVER: Songs In A Minor  Songs In A Minor
30   Avril Lavigne COVER: Let Go  Let Go
31   Placido Domingo/Sissel COVER: Sacred Songs  Sacred Songs
32   Outlandish COVER: Bread And Barrels Of Water  Bread And Barrels Of Water
33   Coldplay COVER: A Rush Of Blood To The Head  A Rush Of Blood To The Head
34   Rolling Stones COVER: Forty Licks  Forty Licks
35   Nelly COVER: Nellyville  Nellyville
36   Robbie Williams COVER: Swing When You're Winning  Swing When You're Winning
37   Queen COVER: Platinum Collection  Platinum Collection
38   Diverse COVER: Fodboldfest 2002  Fodboldfest 2002
39   Lisa Nilsson COVER: Små Rum  Små Rum
40   Poul Krebs COVER: Striber Af Lys  Striber Af Lys
41   C. V. Jørgensen COVER: Fraklip Fra Det Fjerne  Fraklip Fra Det Fjerne
42   DJ Aligator Projekt COVER: The Sound Of Scandinavia  The Sound Of Scandinavia
43   Linkin Park COVER: Hybrid Theory  Hybrid Theory
44   Cæcilie Norby COVER: First Conversation  First Conversation
45   Helmut Lotti COVER: My Tribute To The King  My Tribute To The King
46   Nickelback COVER: Silver Side Up  Silver Side Up
47   TV-2 COVER: På Kanten Af Småt Brændbart  På Kanten Af Småt Brændbart
48   Hanne Boel COVER: Beware Of The Dog  Beware Of The Dog
49   Gnags COVER: Skønhedspletter  Skønhedspletter
50   Lene Siel COVER: Som En Bro Over Mørke Vande  Som En Bro Over Mørke Vande
51   David Bowie COVER: Heathen  Heathen
52   Diverse COVER: M:G:P Jul  M:G:P Jul
53   Gabrielle COVER: Dreams Can Come True  Dreams Can Come True
54   Kent COVER: Vapen & Ammunition  Vapen & Ammunition
55   Mark Knopfler COVER: The Ragpicker's Dream  The Ragpicker's Dream
56   P.O.D. COVER: Satellite  Satellite
57   Kristian & Jesper COVER: Harmonika Træffere  Harmonika Træffere
58   Westlife COVER: World Of Our Own  World Of Our Own
59   Shania Twain COVER: Up  Up
60   Dizzy Mizz Lizzy COVER: The Best Of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy  The Best Of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
61   Soundtrack COVER: En Kort - En Lang  En Kort - En Lang
62   Stevie Wonder COVER: The Definitive Collection  The Definitive Collection
63   Santana COVER: Shaman  Shaman
64   Bonnie Tyler COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
65   Rod Stewart COVER: Story So Far - Very Best  Story So Far - Very Best
66   Astrid & Freddy Breck COVER: Schlager Hits  Schlager Hits
67   Barbra Streisand COVER: The Essential  The Essential
68   Andrea Bocelli COVER: Sentimento  Sentimento
69   Regina COVER: I Hoola Hop La  I Hoola Hop La
70   Enrique Iglesias COVER: Escape  Escape
71   Patrik Isaksson COVER: Tilbaks På Ruta 1  Tilbaks På Ruta 1
72   Michael Learns To Rock COVER: 19 Love Songs  19 Love Songs
73   Billy Joel COVER: The Ultimate Collection  The Ultimate Collection
74   Moby COVER: 18  18
75   Christian COVER: Du Kan Gøre Hvad Du Vil  Du Kan Gøre Hvad Du Vil
76   Stig Rossen COVER: Love Changes Everything  Love Changes Everything
77   Atomic Kitten COVER: Feels So Good  Feels So Good
78   The Calling COVER: Camino Palmero  Camino Palmero
79   Ronan Keating COVER: Destination  Destination
80   Per Nielsen COVER: Christmas Time  Christmas Time
81   Big Fat Snake COVER: Play It By Ear  Play It By Ear
82   Blue COVER: All Rise  All Rise
83   Diverse COVER: M:G:P 2002 Nordic - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix  M:G:P 2002 Nordic - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix
84   Hva Snakker Du Om? COVER: Arne Fortæller: Terkel I Knibe  Arne Fortæller: Terkel I Knibe
85   Det Brune Punktum COVER: Far Brugte Ikke Noget  Far Brugte Ikke Noget
86   Simon & Garfunkel COVER: The Best Of Simon & Garfunkel  The Best Of Simon & Garfunkel
87   Soundtrack COVER: Lord Of The Rings  Lord Of The Rings
88   a-ha COVER: Lifelines  Lifelines
89   Heidi Hauge COVER: Country Blue  Country Blue
90   Darren Hayes COVER: Spin  Spin
91   Heidi Hauge COVER: Country Girl  Country Girl
92   Nirvana COVER: Nirvana  Nirvana
93   Ray Dee Ohh COVER: De Største Og De Bedste  De Største Og De Bedste
94   Kim Sjøgren COVER: I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro  I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro
95   Jennifer Lopez COVER: This Is Me... Then  This Is Me... Then
96   Bee Gees COVER: The Record  The Record
97   Britney Spears COVER: Britney  Britney
98   Diverse COVER: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2002  Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2002
99   Zididada COVER: Happy Fool  Happy Fool
100   Las Ketchup COVER: Hijas Del Tomate  Hijas Del Tomate

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Heidi Hauge
COVER: Country Dance
Country Dance

* Today is named Benjamin.
* 1920: Charlie Parker was born (died 1955).
* 1958: Michael Jackson was born.
* 1966: The last live concert with the Beatles take place in Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

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