1   Safri Duo COVER: Episode II  Episode II
2   Kim Larsen & Kjukken COVER: Sange Fra Glemmebogen  Sange Fra Glemmebogen
3   eyeQ COVER: Let It Spin  Let It Spin
4   Erann COVER: Still Believing  Still Believing
5   Dido COVER: No Angel  No Angel
6   Lars Lilholt Band COVER: Gloria  Gloria
7   Elvis Presley COVER: No Angel  No Angel
8   Bee Gees COVER: The Record  The Record
9   Zindy Kuku Boogaloo COVER: Friends Forever  Friends Forever
10   Sissel COVER: In Symphony  In Symphony
11   Anastacia COVER: Not That Kind  Not That Kind
12   Cowgirls COVER: Girls Night Out  Girls Night Out
13   Diverse COVER: M:G:P 2001 - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix  M:G:P 2001 - De Unges Melodi Grand Prix
14   Anastacia COVER: Freak Of Nature  Freak Of Nature
15   Flemming Bamse Jørgensen COVER: Always On My Mind  Always On My Mind
16   U2 COVER: All That You Can't Leave Behind  All That You Can't Leave Behind
17   Diverse COVER: Bridget Jones Diary  Bridget Jones Diary
18   Travis COVER: The Invisible Band  The Invisible Band
19   Regina COVER: Regina Synger Per Syvspring  Regina Synger Per Syvspring
20   Sort Sol COVER: Snakecharmer  Snakecharmer
21   Diverse COVER: Eurovision Song Contest 2001  Eurovision Song Contest 2001
22   Creed COVER: Human Clay  Human Clay
23   Robbie Williams COVER: Swing When You're Winning  Swing When You're Winning
24   Tim Christensen COVER: Secrets On Parade  Secrets On Parade
25   Anne Dorte Michelsen COVER: Fred Hviler Over Land Og By  Fred Hviler Over Land Og By
26   Sissel COVER: All Good Things  All Good Things
27   Brdr. Olsen COVER: Walk Right Back  Walk Right Back
28   Beatles COVER: One  One
29   Shaggy COVER: Hot Shot  Hot Shot
30   Per Nielsen COVER: My Way  My Way
31   R.E.M. COVER: Reveal  Reveal
32   Pink Floyd COVER: Echoes, The Best Of Pink Floyd  Echoes, The Best Of Pink Floyd
33   TV-2 COVER: Amerika  Amerika
34   Leonard Cohen COVER: Ten New Songs  Ten New Songs
35   Peter Belli COVER: Mit Livs Melodi  Mit Livs Melodi
36   Robbie Williams COVER: Sing When You Are're Winning  Sing When You Are're Winning
37   Michael Jackson COVER: Invincible  Invincible
38   Soundtrack COVER: Moulin Rouge  Moulin Rouge
39   Christian COVER: Du Kan Gøre Hvad Du Vil  Du Kan Gøre Hvad Du Vil
40   LeAnn Rimes COVER: I Need You  I Need You
41   Savage Garden COVER: Affirmation  Affirmation
42   Gorillaz COVER: Gorillaz  Gorillaz
43   Johnny Logan COVER: Reach For Me  Reach For Me
44   Søren Sko COVER: Unpolished  Unpolished
45   Thomas Helmig COVER: Isityouisitme  Isityouisitme
46   Eminem COVER: The Marshall Mathers LP  The Marshall Mathers LP
47   Ricky Martin COVER: The Best Of Ricky Martin  The Best Of Ricky Martin
48   Destiny's Child COVER: Survivor  Survivor
49   Jette Torp COVER: New Tracks  New Tracks
50   Creedence Clearwater Revival COVER: Platinum  Platinum
51   Elton John COVER: Songs From The West Coast  Songs From The West Coast
52   Texas COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
53   Madonna COVER: Music  Music
54   Smokie COVER: Uncovered Too  Uncovered Too
55   Bob Marley COVER: One Love  One Love
56   Andrea Bocelli COVER: Cieli Di Toscana  Cieli Di Toscana
57   Depeche Mode COVER: Exciter  Exciter
58   Savage Rose COVER: For Your Love  For Your Love
59   Gabrielle COVER: Dreams Can Come True  Dreams Can Come True
60   Atomic Kitten COVER: Right Now  Right Now
61   Kylie Minogue COVER: Fever  Fever
62   Enya COVER: A Day Without Rain  A Day Without Rain
63   Faith Hill COVER: There You'll Be - Best Of  There You'll Be - Best Of
64   Freddy Breck COVER: Best Of  Best Of
65   Tracy Chapman COVER: Collection  Collection
66   Lifehouse COVER: No Name Face  No Name Face
67   Backstreet Boys COVER: Greatest Hits - Chapter One  Greatest Hits - Chapter One
68   Linkin Park COVER: Hybrid Theory  Hybrid Theory
69   baSix COVER: The Grass  The Grass
70   Roxette COVER: Roomservice  Roomservice
71   Helmut Lotti COVER: Classical Christmas  Classical Christmas
72   Westlife COVER: World Of Our Own  World Of Our Own
73   Poul Krebs COVER: Det Minder Lidt Om Et Eventyr  Det Minder Lidt Om Et Eventyr
74   Blå Øjne COVER: Tæt På  Tæt På
75   Diverse COVER: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2000  Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2000
76   Maria Callas COVER: Romantic Callas  Romantic Callas
77   Madonna COVER: Greatest Hits Vol. 2  Greatest Hits Vol. 2
78   Hampenberg COVER: Duck Off  Duck Off
79   Corrs COVER: Best of The Corrs  Best of The Corrs
80   Gasolin COVER: Gasolin' Forever  Gasolin' Forever
81   Søren Kragh-Jacobsen COVER: Isalena  Isalena
82   Soundtrack COVER: Coyote Ugly  Coyote Ugly
83   Rollo & King COVER: Midt I En Løbetid  Midt I En Løbetid
84   UB 40 COVER: The Very Best Of 1980-2000  The Very Best Of 1980-2000
85   Small Talk COVER: Small Talk  Small Talk
86   Craig David COVER: Born To Do It  Born To Do It
87   Eric Clapton COVER: Reptile  Reptile
88   Jennifer Lopez COVER: J Lo  J Lo
89   Simply Red COVER: It's Only Love  It's Only Love
90   Björk COVER: Vespertine  Vespertine
91   Macy Gray COVER: The ID  The ID
92   Marie Frank COVER: Vermilion  Vermilion
93   Sade COVER: Lovers Rock  Lovers Rock
94   Enigma COVER: LSD - Greatest Hits  LSD - Greatest Hits
95   Charles Aznavour COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
96   Limp Bizkit COVER: Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavored  Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavored
97   Mark Knopfler COVER: Sailing To Philadelphia  Sailing To Philadelphia
98   Thomas Helmig COVER: Wanted  Wanted
99   Westlife COVER: Coast To Coast  Coast To Coast
100   Klaus & Servants COVER: 50 Hits På Toppen  50 Hits På Toppen

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Swan Lee
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Swan Lee

* Today is named Theodosia.
* 1936: Otto Brandenburg was born (died 2007).

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