1   Brdr. Olsen COVER: Wings Of Love  Wings Of Love
2   Aqua COVER: Aquarius  Aquarius
3   Beatles COVER: One  One
4   D-A-D COVER: Everything Glows  Everything Glows
5   Macy Gray COVER: How Life Is  How Life Is
6   Creamy COVER: We Got The Time  We Got The Time
7   Santana COVER: Supernatural  Supernatural
8   Melanie C COVER: Northern Star  Northern Star
9   Madonna COVER: Music  Music
10   Rollo & King COVER: Midt I En Løbetid  Midt I En Løbetid
11   Hva Snakker Du Om? COVER: Den Ka' Byttes, Vol. 1  Den Ka' Byttes, Vol. 1
12   Eric Clapton / B.B. King COVER: Ridding With The King  Ridding With The King
13   U2 COVER: All That You Can't Leave Behind  All That You Can't Leave Behind
14   Mark Knopfler COVER: Sailing To Philadelphia  Sailing To Philadelphia
15   Savage Garden COVER: Affirmation  Affirmation
16   Britney Spears COVER: Oops, I Did It Again  Oops, I Did It Again
17   Anastacia COVER: Not That Kind  Not That Kind
18   Enrique Iglesias COVER: Enrique  Enrique
19   Whitney Houston COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
20   Eminem COVER: The Marshall Mathers LP  The Marshall Mathers LP
21   Andrew Strong COVER: Out Of Time  Out Of Time
22   Smokie COVER: Uncovered  Uncovered
23   Vengaboys COVER: The Platinum Album  The Platinum Album
24   Corrs COVER: In Blue  In Blue
25   Craig David COVER: Born To Do It  Born To Do It
26   Barcode Brothers COVER: Swipe Me  Swipe Me
27   Lis Sørensen COVER: Rose  Rose
28   Texas COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
29   Helmut Lotti COVER: Latino Classic  Latino Classic
30   Celine Dion COVER: All The Way... A Decade Of Song  All The Way... A Decade Of Song
31   Diverse COVER: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2000  Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2000
32   Flemming Bamse Jørgensen COVER: Stand By Me  Stand By Me
33   Erann COVER: Still Believing  Still Believing
34   Hampenberg COVER: Hampenberg  Hampenberg
35   Björn Afzelius COVER: Definitiv  Definitiv
36   Backstreet Boys COVER: Black & Blue  Black & Blue
37   James Last COVER: The Very Best Of  The Very Best Of
38   Cher COVER: Greatest Hits 99  Greatest Hits 99
39   Roy Orbison COVER: The Danish Collection  The Danish Collection
40   Bomfunk MC's COVER: In Stereo  In Stereo
41   Sven-Bertil Taube COVER: Synger Evert Taube  Synger Evert Taube
42   Ronan Keating COVER: Ronan  Ronan
43   Helmut Lotti COVER: Out Of Africa  Out Of Africa
44   Engelbert Humperdinck COVER: Hans Største Hits  Hans Største Hits
45   Creamy COVER: Creamy  Creamy
46   Shu Bi Dua COVER: Shu-Bi-Dua 17  Shu-Bi-Dua 17
47   Red Hot Chili Peppers COVER: Californication  Californication
48   Thomas Helmig COVER: Wanted  Wanted
49   Bon Jovi COVER: Crush  Crush
50   Metallica COVER: S & M  S & M
51   Cartoons COVER: Toontastic  Toontastic
52   Sanne Salomonsen COVER: De Bedste Af De Bedste  De Bedste Af De Bedste
53   Hevia COVER: No Man's Land  No Man's Land
54   Diverse COVER: Eurovision Song Contest 2000  Eurovision Song Contest 2000
55   Nat King Cole COVER: The Ultimate Collection  The Ultimate Collection
56   Poul Krebs COVER: Det Minder Lidt Om Et Eventyr  Det Minder Lidt Om Et Eventyr
57   Boney M COVER: The Complete Collection  The Complete Collection
58   Lenny Kravitz COVER: Greatest Hits  Greatest Hits
59   Westlife COVER: Coast To Coast  Coast To Coast
60   Soundtrack COVER: Hjælp Jeg Er En Fisk  Hjælp Jeg Er En Fisk
61   Michael Learns To Rock COVER: Blue Night  Blue Night
62   Gabrielle COVER: Rise  Rise
63   Eiffel 65 COVER: Europop  Europop
64   Big Fat Snake COVER: Running Man  Running Man
65   Party Animals COVER: Party Animals  Party Animals
66   Ricky Martin COVER: English Album  English Album
67   Big Fat Snake COVER: Recycled  Recycled
68   Boel & Hall COVER: Boel & Hall  Boel & Hall
69   Sade COVER: Lovers Rock  Lovers Rock
70   Westlife COVER: Westlife  Westlife
71   Robbie Williams COVER: Sing When You Are're Winning  Sing When You Are're Winning
72   Shania Twain COVER: Come On Over  Come On Over
73   Marie Frank COVER: Ancient Pleasure  Ancient Pleasure
74   Tom Jones & The Cardigans COVER: Reload  Reload
75   Toni Braxton COVER: The Heat  The Heat
76   Bamses Venner COVER: For Altid  For Altid
77   Souvenirs COVER: De Bedste Souvenirs  De Bedste Souvenirs
78   Bloodhound Gang COVER: Hooray For Boobies  Hooray For Boobies
79   Per Nielsen COVER: My Greatest Moments  My Greatest Moments
80   Enigma COVER: The Screen Behind The Mirror  The Screen Behind The Mirror
81   Nana Mouskouri COVER: A Place In My Heart - The Very Best  A Place In My Heart - The Very Best
82   Kirsten Siggaard COVER: Mit Liv Med Patsy Cline  Mit Liv Med Patsy Cline
83   Tina Turner COVER: Simply The Best  Simply The Best
84   Tina Turner COVER: Twenty Four Seven  Twenty Four Seven
85   Ann-Mette Elten COVER: Hot Hot  Hot Hot
86   George Michael COVER: Songs Of The Last Century  Songs Of The Last Century
87   Zididada COVER: Have A Zididada Day  Have A Zididada Day
88   Soundtrack COVER: South Park  South Park
89   Cargo COVER: The Movie - Goes Party  The Movie - Goes Party
90   Eric Clapton COVER: Chronicles - The Best Of Eric Clapton  Chronicles - The Best Of Eric Clapton
91   D-A-D COVER: Early Years  Early Years
92   Destiny's Child COVER: Writing's On The Wall  Writing's On The Wall
93   Cooder R, Ibrahim Ferrer m.fl. COVER: Buena Vista Social Club  Buena Vista Social Club
94   Kasper Winding COVER: Lidt Til Og Meget Mere  Lidt Til Og Meget Mere
95   Era COVER: Era 2  Era 2
96   Kashmir COVER: The Good Life  The Good Life
97   Stig Rossen COVER: Stories  Stories
98   Cliff Richard COVER: The Danish Collection  The Danish Collection
99   S.O.A.P. COVER: Miracle  Miracle
100   Small Talk COVER: Small Talk  Small Talk

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COVER: From My Heart
From My Heart

* Today is named Benjamin.
* 1920: Charlie Parker was born (died 1955).
* 1958: Michael Jackson was born.
* 1966: The last live concert with the Beatles take place in Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

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